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"I travel frequently because of my job, I could very well forget my toothbrush at home but I could never leave my Onails Kit behind. It is compact, it fits anywhere. I feel very secure knowing that if I might very well forget my toothbrush I can always buy it anywhere, but not my Onails Kit."
Susan Tejeda


"It is incredible how much money I save having the Onails Coating Kit at home. I don't only save more than $ 25.00 between services and tips everytime I go to the salon, but I also save on gas and time".
Rosalba Ortiz
New jersey


"I do my nails in a beauty salon every two weeks and more than once as I am leaving for an important meeting, I break a nail. O'Nails has solved the problem, it gets me out of a rush because it helps me fix the problem rapidly and simply".
Jo Anne Richards
Little Rock


"I thought my nails didn't grow because of my age and everything I do at home, but since I have first tried the O'Nails Coating System, I am a fervent user, it is easy to apply and as you learn how to use it, you will do it faster everytime. I have been able to have my own long natural nails without the need for wearing fake nails".
Keisha Johnson
Washington D.C


I am 75 years old and suffer from arthritis, my only hope is to once a week go and play cards with my friends. I have fragile nails, maybe because of my age. Since my daughter bought Onails, my nails do not brake anymore and I have managed to maintain them strong and even.
Dorothy Jameson

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