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What are the advantages of using the O'Nails Coating System?

It's the fastest, easiest and most economical way to strengthen and harden your thin, weak or splitting nails at home.

How long can I use the O'Nails Coating System?

You can use it for as long as you wish or need. It requires a monthly maintenance and it is weatherproof.

I do my nails in a nails salon and have acrylic, can I use the O'Nails Coating Gel to do my refills?

This system has been developed to be applied on any acrylic or gel in the market. You have to first buff down the existing product with our nail file as indicated in our instructions manual.

Can I mix the O'Nails Coating System with any other nail product which I use at home?

Unfortunately NOT, because our Lamp and products have been specifically designed and developed to work together for best results. We cannot guarantee the quality and side effects that mixing products may cause.

Can I also use this System for my toe nails?

YES, but you must first be sure that you don't have any infections or fungus.

I am a nail biter, Can I use the O'Nails Coating System's Gel?

We have been testing our Gel on people who are heavy nail biters and have obtained amazing results. The Gel creates a thick and strong coat over the nails, avoiding the temptation on biting them again. After a couple of weeks of application, you will see the growth and will feel the necessity to hold your nails away from your teeth, therefore making the habit disappear.

Where can I buy the replacement products?

We are looking for Distributors all over the country, but in the meantime you can do your purchasing directly with us, using this Website.

Is O'Nails Coating System Gel a Hardener?

O'Nails's Gel is much stronger than a nail hardener and creates a hard, flexible coat on your natural nails for a better and longer lasting protection.

How can I remove the O'Nails Coating Gel from my natural nails?

You must first soak your nails between 15 and 20 minutes in acetone polish remover and then buff or file down until the Gel disappears.

My husband has splitting nails, can he use O'Nails Coating System to protect them?

The O'Nails Coating System has been extensively used by men who normally damage their nails due to accidents with hammers or hard objects. It works perfectly.

My natural nails are very uneven and bumpy, can I avoid this with the O'Nails Coating System?

Definitively YES. The O'Nail Gel creates a protective coat leaving your natural nails perfectly smooth and your nail polish will last longer and brighter.

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